New Gear – Machete 65

Our Machete 85 being a great success we were sure to make a downsized one for lighter kayakers. Now it’s finally out and we can’t wait for you to try and fall in love with it!

As one of many half-slice kayaks we wanted to make sure, there’s something about our Machete that sticks out. And well, we’re proud to say there’s no half-slice as uncompromising as ours. We went with an incomparable rocker profile which allows the Machete to emerge in an extremely controlled manner. At the same time the tail is more slicey enabling you pirouette for hours.How did we combine such opposite characteristics one might ask? Here’s the answer to that: The Machete is blessed with a broad and flat hull from nose to tail making it pinball over waves and stoppers and switch right back in to control after landing. Neat and playful on easy sections, as well as fully in control in heavy whitewater – that’s what the Machete is all about.

You like to play in the waves? The flat hull does not just provide security but also makes it the “Queen of Waves”. It slides nicely into the waves and masters Spins, Blunts, Ender or Rocksplats. Surf’s up!