All the inflatable and foldable boats for any kind of paddlesports (kayak, canoe, sea kayak, kayak fishing, stand up paddling, whitewater kayaking ) can be found on Inflatable and foldable kayaks provide paddlers with an ease of transport that few other boats can offer. Inflatables and foldables can be packed into compact cars, carried on pack trips, and carried on airplanes without extra charge. They come in all shapes and sizes and are built for a wide variety of uses. Inflatable boats are found on many beginner and intermediate stretches of river, allowing paddlers with little or no experience to enjoy the fun and excitement of whitewater. They are durable, maneuverable, and incredibly stable. Specialized inflatables are light enough and pack small enough to be carried on backpacking trips, enabling enthusiasts to alternately hike and float through wilderness areas. Inflatables are often made from Hypalon or Denier nylon with a urethane coating. They come in solo and tandem models, with speed and agility varying greatly by design. Foldable kayaks generally consist of an aluminum or plastic frame with a synthetic skin stretched over it. They can be used in a wide variety of situations and stand up to tough conditions. They are used by recreational paddlers, expedition kayakers, and the military. Constructed well, they are very seaworthy and because of their transportability they can be carried just about anywhere.