Sea kayaking or touring is the sport of paddling on the open water of lakes, bays, and oceans. Touring can involve journeys ranging from a few hours to many weeks, along protected coastlines and inland lakes or out in the open sea. Sea kayaks are seaworthy small boats with a covered deck and the ability to incorporate a spraydeck to keep water from entering the boat.They are much longer than whitewater kayaks, offering cargo capacity, ease of straight-line paddling, and comfort for long journeys. Sea kayaks generally accommodate one or two paddlers together with room for camping gear, food, water and other supplies. Sea kayaks usually range in length from 11-18 ft/3.3m–5.5m for solo craft, and up to 25 ft/7.6m for tandem craft. Increasing the length of a kayak generally adds speed, which is useful for covering long distances. Longer kayaks are also less maneuverable, as turning quickly is not as important in open water. Sea kayaks provide an excellent way to get out on the water – for a day or a week, on familiar terrain or unknown territory, alone or with family and friends.