How to Remount your SurfSki

How to Remount your SurfSki
Here’s the step by step how to remount your surfski:
1) Float in the water alongside your boat, holding onto both your boat and your paddle. Have a look at what the surf is doing or what the conditions are like around you.
2) Place your paddle over your boat, so it is perpendicular to the boat, and hold it against the boat (in one hand).
3) Your free hand is gripped around the gunnel (side) of your cockpit, towards the back of the cockpit.
4) This wide arm grip gives you the stability and better leverage when you need to climb onto the boat.
5) When you are ready, you need to do a big breaststroke kick while you pull yourself out of the water to lie with your stomach / hips over the cockpit area of your boat.
6) You can relax here and catch your breath if you need to.
7) The next step is to simply shift your hips and roll over a bit so that your bum can slide into the seat, leaving your legs hanging out the side of the boat in a typical horse-riding side-saddle position.
8) This is another opportunity to rest and relax a bit if you are tired. You can also double check the surf and conditions again.
9) Once you are ready to start paddling, take a stroke on the same side where your legs are hanging out, using the movement of that stroke to help lever your legs back into the boat. You can move one leg in at a time or both together.
10) Now you are back on your boat so off you go