How to Surfski, Remount your Surfski After Falling Off

As a beginner, you’ll be falling off quite a lot and you need to be able to get back into your ski so that you can continue paddling. Now, there’s various methods for doing this but the one that works best for me is one that I learnt from Buck and I’m going to show you that one today. Let’s get going. OK, you place your paddle on the far side of the ski and then hold onto the boat at the widest point across the ski with your right hand and your left hand on the edge of the boat. Tilt the ski towards you and drive with your legs lifting your body over the top of the boat. Keep your head low, adjust your hands and when you’re ready, just lift and slide your bum into the ski. I like to put my legs on either side just until I’m stable and then put them into the ski. From a different angle here you can see the right arm is at the widest part of the seat, left hand onto the ski, drive with the legs. When you’re comfortable, when you’re ready just lift and slide your bum into the seat. Legs on either side and then into the ski. Again, just looking at it from the far side, exactly the same thing, just putting your arm across, left hand tilts and then drive with the legs, body over the top of the ski. Get yourself comfortable there and when you’re ready, just slide in. I hope you guys have found that useful and enjoy your paddling.
by: Keith Burgess /

Ski Paddling video describing how to remount your ski after falling off. Learning to mount your ski is a critical skill. If you fall out and have trouble remounting it can be frustrating and exhausting. It can also be risky if you can’t remount in the ocean.