NEW RELEASE: Aquaphile Release the Electric Pedayak

L’Aquaphile is pleased to announce the launch of PEDAYAK Electric. The world’s first small boat with hybrid muscular/electric propulsion.

The PEDAYAK Electric is a “hands-free” kayak with hybrid electric and/or muscular drive, manoeuvrable, stable, versatile and modular.
It is a concentrate of technological innovations.

It features:

– A muscular propulsion system with pedals and propeller. – An electric propulsion system, controlled by a removable remote control.
– A steering system with tiller and rudder controlled by a stick.

This combination allows for surprising maneuverability and agility, forward or reverse.


  • –  Allows either 100% electric and/or 100% muscular propulsion, or a combination of both.
  • –  The electric propulsion is controlled by a removable waterproof remote control that can be installed under the hand with a velcro.
  • –  Battery and controller are integrated in a single unit, waterproof, housed in the waterproof hull.
  • –  Steering is provided by an underhand stick which directly controls the helm and rudder.
  • –  « Hands free » : allows for fishing, walking, sailing, photography, video, telephone, binoculars observation, etc.
  • –  Can beach : the propeller and rudder are protected by 2 keels, go in very shallow areas (35 cm draught). Reverse by back-pedalling, manoeuvring, agile, turns on the spot.
  • –  Can accommodate an extra passenger, less than 50 kg.
  • –  Stable and unsinkable, good at sea. Quiet. Comfortable with its ergonomic backrest.
  • –  Storage compartments for GPS, bottles and cans, bottle holder, front and rear storage bins.
  • –  More than 20 accessories available for fishing, sailing, raid, tourism.
  • –  Accessible to disabled people.
  • –  No CO2 emissions, 100% recyclable components.
  • –  Modular: can be equipped with a SAIL, can be fitted in PRAO (one side float), DUO (catamaran) or TRIO (trimaran) versions, with an intermediate removable structure, allowing sunbathing, taking children, diving equipment, bivouac, etc.


Unsinkable self-emptying hull in roto- moulded polyethylene, “sit on top” type.

Length : 360 cm
Width : 73 cm
Heigth : 72 cm
Weigth : 41 kg
Speed : 10km/h
Autonomy (with 15 Ah lithium battery): With pedaling : Up to 7 hours.

Without pedaling : 3 hours at average speed; 1,5 hour at maximum speed.

SELLING PRICE of the PEDAYAK Electric : 3330 euros.


PEDAYAK Electric is manufactured and marketed by L’Aquaphile, a company specialising in innovation for the nautical industry, created and managed by David Adrian.

All its products are innovative and unique in the world: VELOSUB and SUBALO the aquatic propellers, the PEDAYAK pedal kayak range: PEDAYAK DUO, PRAO, TRIO, Electric, EAZYDIVE the low-pressure scuba diving kit, MAC-DUCK the stand-up paddle propulsion system, MAORA the mini-trimaran, are some of its achievements.

David is a former officer of the French Navy’s special forces, former boss of the combat swimmers unit
« Commando Hubert ». Passionate about the sea and innovation, he now devotes himself to the development of innovative products and technologies to enable the greatest number of people to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of water and the sea.

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