Palm Equipment Aquires VE Paddles

Bekx Handcock sea kayaking in Corsica©Erin Bastian VE Paddles

Top flight paddles made in the UK!

Palm Equipment are excited to announce the acquisition of VE Paddles.

After personal circumstances led VE founder Stu Morris to close the doors in 2019, he sought Palm as a potential buyer and a deal was done at the end of 2019.

Stu explained: ‘I didn’t just want to park VE, the paddles are too good for that. The brand is personal to me. I need to trust who takes it on. Palm has what it takes to maintain VE’s high quality and service’.

Handmade in Britain, VE Paddles with innovative Aircore technology, are made from the very best materials – toughened prepreg composites – to produce stronger, more damage tolerant blades; loved by owners the world over.

Andy Knight, Palm’s founder, is proud to be putting VE paddles back into production: ‘At Palm we are a group of specialists. Aside from being a natural fit to our range, I admire the fact that Stu has built VE just like I have built Palm, by learning and by experience. I can’t wait to see the first VE paddles coming from Clevedon’.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, things are a little later than planned. But led by engineer Grant Crichton work is underway at Palm’s Clevedon factory to install the VE machinery. Oncein-place and tested, production will begin, with paddles ready by Autumn 2020.

The VE range will be available via, and through Palm stockists from 2021.

Stay tuned to the VE Paddles web site, facebook and instagram for updates and news