Product Spotlight: Kokatat’s Maximus Centurion PFD’s Limited Edition

Product Spotlight: Kokatat’s Maximus Centurion PFD’s Limited Edition

We considered whether we should launch our Limited Edition Maximus Centurion this week and decided we all need to fuel our passions, particularly these days. We are comforted when we have something to look forward to, something to do, and someone to do it with. Although this rapid Covid-19, is the crux of our lives, it will not last forever. We have each other to rely on. We are a team. We will see it through. There is a safe eddy awaiting us.

We cherish that special river time with family and close friends, allowing us to unplug, relax and de-stress. Our paddling adventures provide us with so much more than mere adventure. We will be together on the water again, forging even stronger relationships with those we love.

The Limited Edition Maximus Centurion 

The Limited Edition Maximus Centurion Rescue Vest is available in a stunning design that emanates from the hearts and minds of Kokatat’s premier athletes. Each one of the elements in the artwork represents something dear to the paddlers’ connection to the whitewater world.

A salmon from Gerd Serrasolses representing his long distance travels but always returning home a cactus from Mexican native Rafa Ortiz, Evan Moore chose the Tehipite valley, which is part of the middle Kings and close to where he grew up on the Kern river, to represent his upbringing as a kayaker. A snowflake from Nouria Newman representing skiing in the French Alps as a child which lead to her passion for adventure in the mountains and river, raven from Oregon’s Chris Korbulic representing his upbringing in the Pacific Northwest, the Southern Cross represents home for New Zealand’s Jordy Seale. Emily Jackson chose a van by the river to represent growing up on the road travelling to kayak with her family, Jules Domine spends most of his time in Columbia discovering new rivers while studying the native culture and habitat and chose the Chiribiquete pictograms which is where he is working on his latest project. A kayaker hiking with his boat represents Ben Stookesberry’s lust for adventure that often takes him long distances into remote river. Dane Jackson has spent his entire life chasing rainstorms.

Marcus Cline is a Salt Lake-based artist known for blending his outdoor passions with his art. His work appears in a multitude of mediums and he has a long history as a whitewater guide and avid whitewater kayaker.

“We’ve taken the incredible talents of Marcus Cline and applied them to one of our best-selling life vests to make a colorful and unique product that captures the essence of paddling. These limited edition vests are as functional as they are beautiful.” —Shannon Finch, Art Director + Brand Manager, Kokatat