How to SUP Surf with Anthony Maltese – The Cross Bow Cutback

How to SUP Surf with Anthony Maltese - PADDLE SWITCH CUTBACKS

Anthony Maltese broke the paddle switch (or CRoss Bow) down into 3 categories or 3 variations: the down carve, the roundhouse cutback, and the tailslide.
“I went the first 6 years of SUP surfing without ever doing this manoeuver and simply keeping the paddle on my toe-side. I won 7 SUP Surf contests without ever performing a single paddle switch and still before I could even think of performing this move with confidence, in or out of a contest jersey. Also known as the ‘cross bow’ or something like that, the frontside paddle switch cutback has become a mandatory progression point for the advanced SUP surfer. Adding this to my repertoire has increased variation on my waves exponentially, and most importantly, it is SO FUN when done properly!”