Huka Falls & Tree Trunk Gorge | Pistyll Productions

Follow John and Huw from Pistyll Productions as there New Zealand trip is coming to an end they manage to fit in Huka Falls and Tree Trunk Gorge!

“After a couple of down days waiting for rivers to drop or rise, Huka falls finally decided it was time to play ball. After a quick refresh of the gauge sat at the breakfast table, it was on! With a short 50-minute drive to get stoked John and Huw were pumped! Navigating their way through the mass of tourists and confused faces it was time to send it. After putting on there is only one way out, paddling their way down the weir, pencil sharpener and then Huka falls. After a successful first lap it was time for another, with the mass of tourists it was only a matter of time before some were asking for photos! 10 selfies or so later it was time for another lap, PURE JOY!
A weekend later hooking up once again with Zack Mutton the plan was to head to Tree Trunk Gorge, a super committing gorge located in the Central Plateau, with a 4-meter seal launch, the first drop which is a 5-meter free fall onto a reconnect into a pool and then the final drop a 4 meter clean Boof with 2 undercuts either side, after navigating through the gorge it was time to take in all the beauty that Tree Trunk has to offer!”