MELKER KAYAKS Swedish Minister Paddle 3D-Printed Kayak

Swedish minister of the environment first to paddle a unique kayak at Hammarö, Sweden

Karolina Skog (Swedish minister of the environment) got to experience something truly amazing – she was the first person to paddle the world’s first full scale, 3D-printed, customizable and fully recyclable kayak – designed and produced by Swedish Melker Kayaks at Hammarö, Sweden.

The Kayak is 3D-printed, utilizing a material based on sawdust and corn starch.

“It’s fantastic to that we with creativity and innovation can create new circular products. Projects like this puts Sweden on the global map, combining an outdoor lifestyle, reduction in emissions, and a strong economy” says Karolina Skog.

Already today a full size kayak can be printed in one piece, with close to zero material waste. The material is also possible to recycle and can turn into a new kayak or something completely else.

Within two years I definitely believe that we are doing series production here locally, says Pelle Stafshede, who sees a great future for the new material in combination with 3D-print technology.

One of the key benefits, besides the circular thinking, is also the ability to fully tailor the kayak – to perfectly fit the person’s measurements and wishes.

Pelle Stafshede is an innovator who really contributes in the shift to circular economy and his project is truly inspiring, concludes Karolina Skog.

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