NAUTIRAID launches the Umiak series

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Nautiraid launches the Umiak series, a range of collapsible skin-on-frame canoes. These canoes fold in one backpack with extremely rigid aluminum structure. Umiak 475 (475 cm) features a 7070 aluminum frame with 7 bars and a high durability PVC skin with incorporated inflatable sides. They give extra stiffness, buoyancy and a perfect shallow arch hull. It all ends into incredible performance on the water, comparable to a hard shell canoe. The Umiak comes in three sizes, 390, 475 and 520 (cm). The shortest one, Umiak 390 is designed for solo canoeing or as a tandem with double bladed paddles. Collapsible canoes open new horizons for canoeing, portaging, aircraft transportation and storage.
Umiaks can be ordered in new colours, Sand, Olive Green, Aquamarine blue, Arctic White.
Manufactured in France with exclusively western Europe suppliers (Germany and Austria).

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