PEAK UK Semi ST – Now everyone can have one!!

The Peak UK Peak UK Semi ST is now available for the public!

As a natural progression on from our Racer ST, our three in one revolutionary pfd, buoyant spraydeck and jacket combination that took gold at the Rio Olympic Games we have created the Semi ST.

The Semi ST has a more generous cut than it’s racer orientated counterpart. It’s manufactured from X3 ripstop and breathable mid weight fabric. It features double neoprene and latex wrist seals and sports our comfortable and water tight Aquaout neck seal.

The Semi ST is perfect for slalom winter training and minimalist. performance orientated freestyle and whitewater paddlers alike.


Available now in long and short sleeved versions.
Sizes: XS to XL.
Colours: blue, black and custom printed.
Cockpit sizes: Slalom K1, C1.
Small deck for composite playboats, Keyhole and Bigdeck for river running boats.

More info go to Peak UK Semi ST webpage