My Home Run – The Mine X Aaron Koch

There are very few places to paddle that aren’t affected by too little rain or too much, scorching temps or frigid winds. In fact, the only natural element that would affect Aaron Koch’s home run would be an earthquake, but no one would paddle during an earthquake. 

Two hundred feet below ground, Aaron stand-up paddles the serpentine paths made up of over 80 limestone columns in an abandoned mine. “You always go in thinking you’re going to go maybe the exact right path but one or two wrong turns later, and it’s exploring all over again.” 

There is no better place to experience the hidden beauty of the Red River Gorge for the first time, every time. With his wife, Heather, and Chihuahua, Pépe, Aaron shares this part of Kentucky with paddlers near and far. 

This is Aaron Koch and this is his home run.