Pedal Kayaks

Kayak Fishing is one the fastest growing segments of the paddlesports industry. People are finding enjoyment combining two things they love, kayaking and fishing, and kayak fishing boats are taking off in popularity and preference. The paddle industry has listened to the demands of the community and created boats to fit the needs of any kayak angler.

Traditional kayaking fishing boats now come equipped with pedal options that allow one to hold onto their pole and propel their craft. Propelled with the help of a pedal system, you can fish and navigate at the same time. We asked paddling legend, Woody Calloway from Native Kayaks to tell us more on why they developed a pedal kayak – the first and only one that can go both forward and reverse.

The debate of paddle vs. pedal continues but it’s safe to say that both methods of fishing are fun. A pedal drive kayak, and especially one that features the ability to pedal in reverse, is a great method of fishing from a kayak. One of the biggest benefits from fishing with a pedal driven kayak is being hands-free, which lends itself to more time fishing and less time maneuvering or anchoring. The Native Propel system, which has a bicycle pedaling motion, can be pedaled forward and more importantly it can be pedaled in reverse and that translates into landing more fish.

The ability to troll with a rod in your hand allows you to feel a hit or, if you snag something on the bottom, you can quickly pedal in reverse to relieve rod pressure. Additionally, by having a pedal kayak you can hold ground against the tide without anchoring when a fish is on your line.

With the ability to pedal instead of paddle, if you feel a fish strike, you can quickly pull away from grass, or any structure that the fish wants to go into. When drift fishing on a river, pedaling allows you to adjust your casting distance from the bank and maintain that distance by instinctively pedaling forward or in reverse. Another advantage from pedal driven kayaks is the use of a larger muscle group, your legs, to provide the propulsion needed when doing longer distances, or when trolling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fishing from a paddle kayak, and really any method of fishing from a kayak is really fun. That said, given the choice between the two, for me, pedal drive wins out every time.

By: Woody Calloway, Native Watercraft Brand Manager