Kids Kit

In recent years, more and more manufacturers are developing kids’ gear lines and with good reason: kids are the future of the sport. Having specific gear that is appealing and comfortable helps kids get excited about the sport. It contributes to having higher levels of success in learning and they therefore want to keep paddling. It is also increasingly apparent that there is a market and it is growing.

For a while now here at Peak UK we have been considering manufacturing dedicated kayaking equipment for kids. For a long time it seemed crazy that the some of the most vulnerable water users, e.g. young children, should be using some of the cheapest, most basic safety equipment that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself!

We had been researching and testing for a while, and when two staff members both had children within a couple of months of each other we went into full production of the Kidz Zip PFD: a child’s flotation device that doesn’t compromise on fit, materials or style.

There are of course the arguments that the kids will grow out of products faster and may not use them as much, and therefore people may be put off spending extra. The truth is that a well thought out, well designed and durable piece of equipment should address the above issues without breaking the bank.

kids’ kit the future of kayaking! We all know the difference that having the right kit makes not only to our confidence, but also to our enjoyment of the sport. Whilst it would not necessarily be advisable to go out and buy all the latest products the moment your child returns from their first trip on the river, getting them in the right stuff early on will make a difference to their paddling. Getting a pfd onto a small child who actually wants to wear it is a lot easier than wrestling them into something that looks and feels awful and will have them miserable in the front of your canoe for the whole trip!

One example of good kid’s kit would be Tahe Outdoors’ Angry Birds range. Having that familiar Angry Birds imagery on their kit will help get them interested in the equipment so you can get them to use it!

We designed our Kidz Zip PFD to look like something a young child would want to wear, but to feel like something an adult would want to wear, meaning maximum comfort, freedom of movement and ease of getting on and off. We also made sure that there was plenty of adjustability, meaning that you could easily get a few years use out of either size available. We also use the same materials as we do in our adult ranges: tough, durable fabric, quality pvc free soft cell foam and quality fittings. We wanted to create something that we would be happy for our offspring to wear and that as parents with a budget we would be happy to pay for.

Jackson’s range of kayaks for kids are another great example of decent kit for kids. Putting your child in a kayak that they can manoeuvre and actually paddle properly will help inspire them to carry on kayaking into adulthood. Not only are the kayaks well designed and detailed but they are competitively priced and selling well, proving that not only is there a need for kids kit, but there is a market!

The bottom line is that when it comes to equipment for children, there should be no compromise on performance, yet with reasonable prices. The products mentioned are great examples of how this is now a reality, and with proper kids kit now finally out there in the market, our children can now be safer, happier and paddling harder than ever!

Pete Astles, Peak uk, Founder/ Managing Director